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Weekly Ala-Carte Deals

(Week 1 – September 5th, 2024)



How does the weekly NFL team ala-carte packages work?

If you do not have a season subscription, this is a great option for you.

Each week, you can receive BetBuddy Ai’s predictions for 1, 3, or 5 teams.  You pick the teams you want!

What is the Ai Accuracy Promise?

We are so confident in our Ai’s prediction abilities when it comes to NFL spread betting, that we promise you will receive winning predictions each week.

Our promise(s):

At least 1 win – 3 Team Purchase

At least 2 wins – 5 Team Purchase

If BetBuddy Ai’s fails to meet this promise, you will receive a 50% discount off your next NFL ala-carte purchase.

Is the ala-carte package a reoccurring subscription?

No.  You are welcome to request the BetBuddy Ai predictions as often or as little as you like throughout the season.

NFL Season Subscriptions


NFL Season Subscriptions

What information do get with your Basic season plan?

We will provide you BetBuddy Ai’s spread bet prediction for each NFL team. 

Win, Lose or Skip will be the 3 predictions you will receive each week, including playoffs.

Why should I upgrade to the Advanced Insights season plan?

This plan uses enhanced machine learning tools to generate the Ai’s spread bet predictions.

Also, you get access to our advanced Ai betting strategy for EACH NFL team throughout the season.

The use of this tool dramatically increases the likelihood of having a profitable spread betting season.

What is the Ai Assurance policy?

Any BetBuddy Ai Season Subscriber is eligible to take advantage of our Ai Assurance policy. 

For a one-time donation of $100 to our registered non-profit, The Ai Insight Development Project, you will have financial assurance that the BetBuddy Ai’s Advanced Insights betting tool will exceed an average 55%-win rate across all teams for the NFL season.  

You have our assurance that these donations received, not only benefits the great work of the non-profit, but will among other things, improve the Ai performance throughout the current season and beyond. 

If BetBuddy Ai’s tool fails to meet this 55% win rate for the NFL season, you will receive the full cost of your season subscription back PLUS a 50% cash bonus.

Weekly Cash Rewards

(Week 1 – September 5th, 2024)

Target Win%


Pick a Side.  Watch and Relax.  Collect your Rewards.





Our Latest NFL Winners

Paul W. $125 ----- Mark Z. $75 ----- Albert W. $110 ----- Tony G. $55 ----- Julian V. $120 ----- Luna G. $110 >>>>> DON'T MISS OUT ON YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THIS WEEK! >>>>>


Decide if you think our Ai will win 65.4% of this week’s NFL spread bet picks.

If so, click on the BET ON pic above.

If not, click on the BET AGAINST pic above.


Then make your donation to our registered non-profit:

The Advanced Insights Project.

After your donation is completed, just sit back and relax.

Enjoy the NFL games.

Let BetBuddy Ai do it’s thing.

Whether you Bet ON or AGAINST BetBuddy, you get a CASH REWARD!money-mouth

Based on your BET and the REWARD PAYOUT percentages this week, you will receive either:





Of your donation amount back into your PayPal/Venmo account by Wednesday (Sept. 11th).



Weekly Cash Rewards

What is The Advanced Insights Project?

It is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization we work closely with.

Their mission is to improve and develop how Ai can work with humans to find predictability in an otherwise random and chaotic world that surrounds us.

When is the cut-off time to join the contest?

The cut-off time to join the Weekly Cash Rewards contest will always be upon kickoff of the first NFL game of the week.

Does everyone receive a cash reward?

Yes. smile

The Gratitude reward is offered and provided by The Advanced Insights Project to all those that donate through the Weekly Cash Rewards program to support the project’s cause.

Do I need a PayPal or Venmo account?


In order to make your donation and receive your cash reward, you must have a PayPal or Venmo account.

All cash rewards will be sent to the same PayPal or Venmo account the donation was sent from.



Target Win%:  65.4%

Reward Payouts: 135% / 48%

Actual Win%: 71.2%

Donation: $100 

Pick:  BET ON BetBuddy Ai

Congratulations! You picked correctly!smile

Your Cash Reward:  $135


Target Win%:  65.4%

Reward Payouts: 135% / 48%

Actual Win%: 71.2%

Donation: $100 

Pick:  BET AGAINST BetBuddy Ai

Oops! You picked wrong. BUT…

Your Cash Reward:  $48

Whether you pick correctly or not, you still receive a Weekly Cash Reward!

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