When will the Ai Sports Betting tool be available?

We will make it available to users as early as Fall of 2024.  Just in time for the 2024-2025 NFL season!

Is this AI tool included with a Baccarat subscription plan?

Sorry, it is not.  HOWEVER, if you do have a paid baccarat subscription plan, you will receive a discount off the use of our Sports Betting tool.

What is this Ai tool designed to do?

The BetBuddy Ai Sports Betting tool is designed to help users with their Spread Betting decisions.

What types of subscription plans will you offer?

You will be able to choose from weekly individual team predictions to full season entire league subscriptions.  PLUS, some unique, exclusive cash reward opportunities!

What sports can it be used for?

Initially, we will use it for NFL spread betting.  We will then begin to expand it to other major sports such as Soccer, NHL, NBA and MLB games.

Please note that we make no representations as to fitness for purpose of our services. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

What results did you see last year using the Ai tool?

The NFL 2023-2024 season produced great results.  Our beta testers saw a win rate* of:

79% /750+ units – Advanced Insights models.

71% /69 units – Basic model.

*(past performance doesn’t predict or guarantee future performance and the above data is of a statistical nature only. Actual results may vary).


How will I be notified when this tool becomes available?

Click on the EARLY BIRD ACCESS button below so we can reach out to you when it’s ready, and you will lock in a special discount price.

NFL Subscription Plans


What kind of subscription plans do you offer for this tool?

  • Weekly ala carte picks (1,3 or 5 team option).
  • Season subscription 1 – Basic prediction.
  • Season subscription 2 – Advanced Ai weekly betting strategy for each team.

How does your weekly donation insights contest work?

Make a $25-$100 donation to our registered non-profit (The Ai Insight Development Project).  All donations are tax deductible.

Tell us if you think BetBuddy Ai will exceed or fall short of last week’s Ai spread betting results.

All those that donate and choose to participate in the weekly contest, will receive a special “Gratitude Cash Reward”.

Those that guessed correctly will receive a cash reward between 120%-150% on their donation.

Those that guessed incorrectly will receive a cash reward between 45%-75% on their donation.

How does the weekly NFL team ala-carte packages work?

If you do not have a season subscription, this is a great option for you. 

Each week, you can receive BetBuddy Ai’s predictions for 1,3,5 or 10 teams.  You pick the teams you want!

What information do get with your Basic season plan?

We will provide you BetBuddy Ai’s spread bet prediction for each NFL team. 

Win, Lose or Skip will be the 3 predictions you will receive each week, including playoffs.

Is the ala-carte package a reoccurring subscription?

No.  You are welcome to request the BetBuddy Ai predictions as often or as little as you like throughout the season.

Why should I upgrade to the Advanced Insights season plan?

This plan not only includes the Basic predictions, but also includes our advanced Ai betting strategy for EACH NFL team throughout the season.

The use of this tool dramatically increases the likelihood of having a profitable spread betting season.  Nevertheless, we urge you to make your own assessment on the best plan for you.

What is the Ai Assurance policy?

Any BetBuddy Ai Season Subscriber is eligible to take advantage of our Ai Assurance policy. 

For a one-time donation of $100 to our registered non-profit, The Ai Insight Development Project, you will have financial assurance that the BetBuddy Ai’s Advanced Insights betting tool will exceed an average 55%-win rate across all teams for the NFL season.  

You have our assurance that these donations received, not only benefits the great work of the non-profit, but will among other things, improve the Ai performance throughout the current season and beyond. 

If BetBuddy Ai’s tool fails to meet this 55% win rate for the NFL season, you will receive the full cost of your season subscription back PLUS a 50% cash bonus.

Weekly Cash Rewards


How does your Weekly Cash Reward contest work?

At the start of the week, make a $25-$250 donation to our registered non-profit (The Advanced Insights Project).  All donations are tax deductible.

Pick a Side –> Tell us if you think BetBuddy Ai will exceed or fall short of it’s  Target Win% spread bet goal for the upcoming NFL week.

All those that donate and choose to participate in the weekly contest, will receive a special “Gratitude Cash Reward” at the end of the NFL week.

Those that picked the winning side will receive a cash reward between 120%-150% of their donation for the week.

All others will receive a cash reward between 45%-75% of their donation for the week.

When is the cut-off time to join the contest?

The cut-off time to join the Weekly Cash Rewards contest will always be upon kickoff of the first NFL game of the week.

What is The Advanced Insights Project?

It is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization we work closely with.

Their mission is to improve and develop how Ai can work with humans to find predictability in an otherwise random and chaotic world that surrounds us.

Does everyone receive a cash reward?

Yes. smile

The Gratitude reward is offered and provided by The Advanced Insights Project to all those that donate through the Weekly Cash Rewards program to support the project’s cause.

How is the cash reward calculated?

The cash reward percentages are calculated based on many factors such as:

  • Donations for the current week
  • Previous week’s Ai results
  • Several other metrics optimized to reward the donors for their generous contributions, as well as financially support the work of The Advanced Insights Project

Please note that we reserve the right to make such calculations in our absolute discretion with reference to the above metrics.

How do we find what the gratitude cash reward will be for the week?

Both the Target Win% and the Cash Reward numbers will be displayed on our website at the beginning of each week, 24 hours before the first NFL game.

Do I need a PayPal or Venmo account?


In order to make your donation and receive your cash reward, you must have a PayPal or Venmo account.

All cash rewards will be sent to the same PayPal or Venmo account the donation was sent from.

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