Who is Oliver the Owl?

Oliver the Owl is our charming, ever-learning AI Assistant. While he may not be all-knowing just yet, he’s pretty sharp and always ready to help. Have questions? Just click the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen, and Oliver or one of our live agents will be there to assist you with wit and wisdom!

Can I use BetBuddy Ai on my phone?

Yes, all you need is an internet connection.  We designed it so you do not need to download an app.  Any device with an internet connection can use BetBuddy Ai.

In just a couple sentences can you tell me what this is all about?

We’ve developed an Ai that can analyze the game of Baccarat and provide recommendations as to what should be bet for the next hand and how much to bet. The Ai’s results are truly amazing!

We are also using it to predict spread betting results on major sporting events such as NBA and NFL games.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for conditions of use prior to utilising our services.

What is the backstory on BetBuddy Ai?

That is a much longer story than a simple FAQ. 

But to keep it short, this whole project started out really small quite a few years ago, using an Excel spreadsheet and tracking some basic ideas and testing against games (shoes). With the integration of various system concepts, stock trading tools, extensive mathematical equations, we began to see some encouraging results.  

Then Ai came along in 2023 and changed the game for us and ultimately YOU!  We were able to take our efforts; feed it a specialized machine learning algorithm customized to our parameters, and what we got was nothing short of amazing! 

Hence, BetBuddy Ai was born!

Is this just a get rich quick scheme?


If that is what you are looking for, go elsewhere.  Please read all our FAQs and Terms of Service and hopefully you will get a clear picture of how BetBuddy Ai is supposed to be used and what you can expect.

Can you guarantee I will win using the BetBuddy Ai?


First, we don’t know you. We have seen ‘professional’ players lose their confidence after a couple sessions of losing and then start betting wildly, forgetting their ‘system’ altogether and just allowing emotions and ‘gut feelings’ takeover.

Even if we are winning 74% of our bets over 10,000+ games, that still means we/you can lose multiple games in a row and that can be tough psychologically for some people.

BetBuddy Ai is simply a tool to help you make better decisions.  For the best chance of long-term success, we suggest:

  • Play consistently, without emotion, each game.
  • Stick to your plan and trust in your betting tools.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate bankroll for your style of play.
  • Understand you will not win every game or every session.

Please note that our platform is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only. Refer to our Terms of Service for more details.


Hey…no one wins at gambling! How are you confident about profiting from Baccarat?

Well, you’re right, casinos don’t have all those bright lights and free drinks because they aren’t making money!

The casino wins because they have a bigger bankroll than you do… their real bankroll is time and the longer you stay and play, the odds are clear, you will lose.

What you have with BetBuddy Ai is insight into risk management – NOW you have the ability to have different bet amounts of units appropriate for the risk involved with that bet AND the Ai will tell you to stop betting when appropriate.

BetBuddy Ai is a tool that allows you shift the odds back in your favor, but please note that it does not guarantee wins.

So how do I use BetBuddy Ai in the real world?

For baccarat and/or roulette, online casinos are the easiest. We have also used it sitting at the table from our phones at a land-based casino. 

For sports betting and binary options trading, you can use it with your existing sports book and trading accounts – which do not require you to be at your computer for extended periods of time.

Is it illegal to use BetBuddy Ai at a casino?

No, it is not illegal.

We have had different experiences at various land-based casinos.

Some have very strict rules – what you can be doing at the table, while others sometimes seem to allow laptops!   But we have never seen a land-based casino prohibit the use of a cell phone at a table.

Since casinos know you can’t cheat at Baccarat, you never know what any specific casino will allow until you actually sit down and play.

Please note that our services are not to be used contrary to such policies set by land-based or online casinos. It is also important that you are familiar with applicable laws and regulations in your home state or country prior to use.

What is a Professional Player (a Pro)?

If you are someone who plays weekly, studies/tests ideas, concepts, strategies and tactics, then you are likely a systems player/professional. 

BetBuddy Ai is an excellent tool for casual/recreational gamblers as well as Professional players.

What is a “baccarat system”?

Researcher Players (non-gamblers) are always coming up with ideas and strategies and tactics on how to win. Combinations of these are what we call systems.

There are a lot of ideas/systems and combinations of ideas people play and sell – based on what they are seeing in a shoe (game) and the rules that make up the system they follow.

Does your Ai use betting progressions?


Our Ai does not use progressions at all. It just doesn’t seem reasonable for the risk. BetBuddy Ai advises on different bet amounts, higher and lower depending on how its confidence level is in relation to the bet.

Note: ‘progression’ is where you increase or decrease the size of your next bet based on what happened in the current hand. The most common type of progression is an ‘up-as-you-lose’ progression. An example would be if you lost your first 1-unit bet, you would then bet 2 units, hoping to win and get back your loss. If you lose that bet, you may bet 4 units, hoping to win and recover and be profitable by 1+ unit. We are sure you can see the danger in following progressions.

Does BetBuddy Ai bet every hand?

No!  In fact we try to bet as few hands as possible to reduce risk exposure and maximize the win percentage of the bets we do make.

What percentages or results have you seen using BetBuddy Ai?

First off, we must make it absolutely clear (and our lawyers agree), that you understand that past performance is no guarantee of or indicative of future results.  

That said, the BetBuddy Ai advanced systems, played across 10,000+ actual live games, has generated win rates up to 80%.  Please note that this is only statistical data only and your actual results may vary due to a range of external factors.

For a more information and an in-depth analysis of our past system results, please click on the link below:

BetBuddy Ai System FAQs

Couldn’t I just use ChatGPT to do the same thing?

You know, you could, and we even tried.

We won’t go into too much detail, but ChatGPT took way too long to decide, sometimes 30-40 seconds each bet, and often it would have an error in its calculation and need to start over.  That would be a big problem in a live casino game setting for players.

Side by side initial tests with BetBuddy Ai and ChatGPT for specific baccarat prediction tasks were just not close. Our tests showed ChatGPT had only about a 30% win rate.   BetBuddy Ai hit 70%+.

ChatGPT is of course a very powerful AI for so many different things.  But it just cannot come close to what we have built in our specific niche Ai!

Nevertheless, we urge you to make your own assessment of the capabilities of both systems, and do not give any representations or warranties to this effect.

Why does it cost a token to play each game?

We would love to not charge for tokens but that is just not feasible. Most powerful Ai models have large server requirement costs in order to process large amounts of data and function properly.

We do our every best to keep user costs as low as possible without sacrificing the Ai’s performance for our subscribers.

We pride ourselves on the calculation speed of our Ai’s predictions.  We know baccarat players need answers fast. 

The BetBuddy Ai Baccarat tool is lightning fast!

Are you guys actually using BetBuddy Ai to play/win at Baccarat?

We have, and we can anytime we want. Right now, as far as our own play, we are concentrating on Sports Spread Betting. This allows us to place larger bets and walk away to spend more time developing the Ai!

Okay. How do I actually use the Baccarat Ai tool?

Sure.  We will walk you through the steps on how to use it at your favorite online casino.

If you go to the How to Start page, you can see a detailed video of a live use of BetBuddy Ai.

But briefly, here are the steps we follow:

  1. We open a web browser on our computer on one monitor and open another browser on a second monitor.
  2. We then log into our online casino account at one of our favorite online casinos that offers baccarat.
  3. Then on the other monitor we log into our BetBuddy Ai account and open the BetBuddy Ai Baccarat tool.

Since you don’t have to start at the beginning of a Baccarat Shoe (game) with BetBuddy Ai, we wait and let one hand get played at the casino.  We enter the Banker (B) or Player (P) result in the BetBuddy Ai app. (All ties should be ignored). The BetBuddy Ai app will then suggest its prediction for the next hand, either B or P.

Depending on your subscription, the app will also present its ‘Confidence Indicator’, and a recommended number of units to bet on the next hand. So, as an example, if Player just won, you would click on ‘P’ as what result the game just had, and BetBuddy Ai might say to bet 3 units on B with a medium confidence level.

During play, it may also tell you to sit out the next hand, or it will tell you when to quit playing this game.

As always, it is up to you to decide any actions based on your insights and tools used.

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