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Bounty FAQs

What is Bounty Contest?

These are fun and challenging contests we offer our loyal subscribers and reward them with a “bounty” of various prizes for their efforts.  Participants (aka “Bounty Hunters”) use the BetBuddy AI software tool to “hunt” down a certain outcome the software will produce.  Some of these “hunts” are easy, while others require much more diligence and effort to complete.  

Why do you offer these contests?

For two main reasons.  First, we want to offer all our subscribers an unique opportunity to win cash and prizes with fun challenges.  Second, these contests allow us to continue to improve and optimize the BetBuddy AI software learning model.

Is it easy to participate in these Contests?

Yes, it is simple and easy.  However the contests are games of SKILL and as such, require a basic knowledge and understanding of the BetBuddy AI tool.

What kind of Bounty prizes do you offer?

You receive all the benefits of our FREE subscription plan.  Scroll up to review all these benefits.

How do I register for a contest??

To register, click on the image above of the particular contest you wish to sign up for.  You will then see all the details of the contest, including registration details, starting and ending times, and other important contest information.

Are the contests free to all subscribers?

Most of the contests are free to register for.  However in some special cases, a small registration fee will be required.

Are the contests open to everyone?

Generally yes.  However some special contests are reserved for our Premium and Professional subscribers.  Also, most contests are on a first come first serve basis with limited spots available.  This registration limit is to not only increase the odds of winning a prize for our participants, but also reduce the server load demands on the BetBuddy AI software engine during these contests.

Are tokens required to participate in the contests?

Yes.  Anytime you use the BetBuddy AI software tool, a token is required to power the software. 

What if I have more questions?

Please send an email directly to our dedicated contest support team at [email protected].

You can also try to reach us using our Chat feature.