How does the free baccarat game analysis work?

Once you sign up for one of our subscription plans, we will email you a special link where you can share with us a past baccarat game you would like us to analyze with the BetBuddy AI software.

After our Ai analyzes your game, we will then send you a full profit/loss report of how the software would have performed using all BetBuddy subscription plans and systems.

What is your Basic betting model?

The software will simply make a prediction as to what the next outcome will be. No advanced bet amounts or bankroll calculations will be presented.

60-day Ai software updates?

The BetBuddy Ai algorithm is updated constantly for improved performance. FREE subscribers will automatically receive a new software update every 60 days. (PREMIUM subscribers every 30 days and PROFESSIONAL subscribers updated weekly).

Can I use Bet Buddy on my phone?

Yes! Any device connected to the internet will be able to access and use the Bet Buddy Ai software.

What are Ai Tokens?

Tokens are used to power the BetBuddy AI software and servers. One token is needed for each use of the software. All subscription plans come with some free tokens each month.



What is your Enhanced betting model?

You will have access to one of our profitable betting models that not only provides you a prediction of what the next result will be, but also suggested bet amounts for each hand.  Therefore, increasing your profitability chances.

What is your Loyalty Rewards Program?

We like to reward our users for their loyalty and continued use of the Bet Buddy Ai software.  Once a month, we will select our most active users from each subscription level for a chance of winning up to $250 in cash and prizes.

What is the Confidence bet indicator?

You will be provided with a visual aid inside the Ai software app letting you know the Ai’s confidence of the next predicted outcome. This extra tool allows you an elevated level of confidence to weigh any additional risk that could be made on the next hand.

Confidence Bet Indicator Guide?

There are 4 possible results with the Confidence Indicator.

LOW = 1 red bar  (low confidence prediction)

NEUTRAL = 2 yellow bars (uncertain prediction)

MEDIUM = 3 purple bars (confident confident prediction)

HIGH = 4 green bars  (very confident prediction)



What are your Advanced Ai Betting Systems?

These proprietary algorithms are the crown jewels of BetBuddy AI.  Each one is designed with its own set of advanced logic conditions.  They are extremely useful tools for anyone that wants to truly shift the odds in their favor.  You will be given access to powerful betting strategies finely tuned to maximize profit and reduce risk exposure during the game.

How powerful are your Advanced Ai Betting Systems?

Extremely powerful. They successfully increase potential profits while reducing risk. Although past results are no guarantee of future results, the BetBuddy Ai advanced betting systems are generating an impressive win rate.

Nevertheless, please refer to our Terms of Service prior to use.

What is your bankroll application model?

This feature is coming soon.  Once available, you can enter your bankroll and the table limits before each game, and the BetBuddy Ai software will calculate a suggested bet amount based on your entries and selected betting system.

What do you mean by "Early Access" to new Ai Tools?

In the fall of 2024 we will be releasing BetBuddy Ai’s NFL spread betting tool and next year the Roulette version of BetBuddy Ai will be available.  

Any new tools like this will be made first available to our Professional subscription users.

Are the number of Professional users limited?

Yes. Due to the server power required to operate the BetBuddy Ai software, we must limit the number of Professional plans we sell. Currently, there are only 50 spots available. We hope to increase this before the end of 2024. Please only sign up for this plan if you believe you will make full use of the advanced tools this plan offers.

Special Token Pricing?

Several times a year, we will offer special token pricing discounts exclusively to our Professional and VIP Ultra subscribers.



Are your Ai powered betting systems easy to use?

Yes, very easy.  Our Ai performs all the calculations in real-time for you after each hand.  All you do is select the system you wish to use at the start of the game and BetBuddy does the rest.

What is the advantage of using some of your proprietary systems?

Our systems are truly unique and designed to maximize success.  It took years to develop these and with the help of Ai over the last year, they have been finally tuned to deliver amazing results.  In fact some of our systems have generated a win rate of over 80% in recent tests across 10,000 actual games.

(Please see our Systems FAQ page for more information on these 10,000 game results.)

What is your $200 Monthly Cash Bonus Reward?

It is a special, unique program in partnership with our non-profit Ai Developement Foundation where you can earn cash for testing and expanding our Ai knowledge base.

Your participation each week will earn you $50.  That is up to $200 in bonus cash in a month!smile

Explain your Live Game Support?

One of our Ai software experts will connect with you via Zoom or Teams for up to an hour as you use the software in whatever environment you choose. We will essentially “hold your hand” as you use the software. And best of all, you do not need to split your profits with us (lol).

Why is this subscription by "Invitation Only"?

We have reserved this level for the most active baccarat players who truly want to maximize the full power of the BetBuddy Ai software in their baccarat games each time they play.

Are there limited spots available for this level?

Yes.  Due to the level of live support offered, we must limit the number VIP ULTRA subscriptions.  

How do I get invited to join VIP ULTRA?

If you consider yourself a serious baccarat player, who plays at least 20 games a week, go ahead and click on the “VIP CONTACT” button below and submit the form for our review.

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